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City of Saskatoon
The City of Saskatoon provides electrical, water, sewer and storm water management services through its utilities.

The electric utility provides electrical service to the area of Saskatoon which lies generally within the 1958 City boundary. Bulk electrical power is purchased from the provincial crown utility, SaskPower. Through a system of substations, distribution lines and transformers, the power is supplied to customers on demand at locations and at voltages appropriate to their needs. The Utility also maintains the street lighting system.

Saskatoon is responsible for treating and distributing a safe and assured supply of water to the citizens of Saskatoon and surrounding communities. We are engaged in managing, operating, and maintaining the water treatment plant, reservoirs, and distribution systems, and in providing support services which include water quality monitoring, water research, long range planning and design, and financing. In addition, the City collects, treats and disposes of sanitary sewage and its residual solids as well as maintains the repairs to the storm water collection systems.

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