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City of Regina
The City of Regina is committed to providing superior water, sewer, and storm water management services to its citizens. The City’s Water and Sewer Utility is responsible for monitoring, treating and distributing over 24 million cubic metres of water to its residents annually. This process includes monitoring water quality, maintaining and operating reservoirs, pumping stations, the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant and 800 kilometres of pipelines that supply and distribute water from the Treatment Plant to customers. The City is also one of the first major cities in Canada to provide automated water meter reading to all of its customers.

In addition, the Utility is also responsible for collecting, treating, and disposing of storm water, sanitary sewage, and residual solids. Over 700 kilometres of pipe carry the City’s wastewater and storm water to a modern, tertiary wastewater treatment plant where it is treated. Both the plant and the sewage system is maintained and operated by the Utility.

For questions about the Utility or any of its services, contact our Customer Service Representatives at 306-777-7000 or by e-mailing Visit our site at




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