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Become a Subscriber


Thank you for your interest in becoming a subscriber with ExpressAddress.

As an ExpressAddress subscriber, you will assist your customers by making their move simpler. ExpressAddress allows customers to enter their moving information once and send it to multiple organizations.

Many organizations require the same basic information when new or existing customers are moving. ExpressAddress allows you to receive this basic information in addition to any other customized information your organization requires.

ExpressAddress does not provide any information to organizations unless specifically selected by the customer.

Our objective is to offer our customers an easy, convenient, and secure method for connecting, transferring or disconnecting their services when moving in the province of Saskatchewan.

Please email if you would like more information about ExpressAddress. Please provide the following information in your email so that our representative can contact you:
  • Company Name
  • Contact Information
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Title
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Web Site URL
  • Additional Comments

When you join ExpressAddress you are part of an award-winning organization. ExpressAddress earned a silver medal at the GTEC Distinction Awards in the National Innovative Cross-Jurisdictional e-Government Awards category.

This award recognizes the positive impact that organizations working together can have on customer service.



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